About Us

Herbaglide is one of the most innovative products on the market providing a sensible, non-surgical solution to vaginal rejuvenation.

As many women experience the physiological aspects of vaginal relaxation due to aging and child birth, the thought of invasive surgery often comes to mind to regain that firm and youthful feel once again.

While considering the possible dangers, complications, as well as the expense of such procedures, surgery may not be the right solution for every woman considering vaginal rejuvenation.

However, for the ones that are seeking to return to their pre-child birth physiological state the natural way, Herbaglide may be the answer.

Herbaglide is an all natural vaginal tightening and arousal formula designed to enhance the pleasure of your sexual experience.

The formula has been designed to produce multiple effects which include vaginal tightening, and an arousal effect.

Herbaglide is unique in a sense that it produces its effect by physically constricting the walls of the vagina, thus reducing its interior dimensions.

Once Herbaglide is applied, the tightening effect will be experienced within a very short time of application.

The physical experience is long lasting but not permanent. The application time will vary from individual to individual, usually several hours; however, some women have reported their experience lasting for up to 8 hours.

One important benefit of using Herbaglide is that the user will not experience any loss of feeling during intercourse. On the contrary, in addition to a much tighter and firmer sensation during sex, almost all women surveyed using Herbaglide have reported a substantial increase in sensitivity, and a more intense orgasm.

Try Herbaglide absolutely risk free and experience what hundreds of satisfied women call to be one of the best arousal and tightening gels on the market today. Your order process is confidential and Herbaglide will be shipped using unmarked packaging, so you can be certain that your privacy is always completely respected.

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