Q – What is Herbaglide?

A – Herbaglide is a sensual tightening gel designed to narrow the interior dimensions of the vagina, and to stimulate arousal during intercourse. Herbaglide is hypoallergenic, and also consists of antioxidant, and antibacterial properties such as Butea/Clove extract, and Mint oil. These properties assist in preventing infections, as well as promoting a healthy physical state.

Q – What is Herbaglide made from, and is it safe?

A – Herbaglide is 100% natural and safe. It consists of liquids extracted from plants, roots, and bark. Herbaglide is not made from, or contains any form of synthetic materials. Importantly, Herbaglide does not contain estrogen or other hormone producing extracts that are often used in products to encourage new tissue development. We believe that introducing any form of hormones into the body can potentially cause negative, as well as harmful side effects in years to come. Products that contain hormones, or encourage their production should only be used under a doctor’s supervision.

Q – How do I apply Herbaglide and how much of the liquid gel do I use?

A – It is recommended that you first wash your hands prior to application. There are approximately 6 to 7 servings per 1oz bottle. Herbaglide should be applied within the inside and the top area of the vagina and vaginal opening, including the clitoral area for arousal. Start the application with a small nickel size amount and adjust as needed. You may want to use more or less per application, by doing so, this will either increase or decrease the application servings per bottle.

Q – How soon does Herbaglide begin to work? And how long does the application last?

A – Herbaglide begins to work 5 to 10 minutes after application, and the effect usually lasts for 2-3 hours. Some women did report the tightening effect lasting almost 8 hours. Please keep in mind that individual results will vary, and more than a 4 hour result should not be expected.

Q – Is the tightening effect permanent?

A – No. Although the tightening effect is not permanent, it is long lasting, and with continuous use of the product, the vaginal muscles will begin to tone and tighten and you may begin to experience a more youthful firmness. Individual results may vary.

Q – Can I use Herbaglide during my period, yeast infection, or any other abnormal vaginal condition?

A – Herbaglide should be used at your discretion. However, it is not recommended that you use this product during any abnormal condition, including a yeast infection or period. Please consult your physician prior to such use.

Q – Can I use Herbaglide during pregnancy?

A – We are not aware of any problems occurring when Herbaglide is used during pregnancy, but we do recommend that you ask your doctor before using this product while you are pregnant.

Q – Will showering or bathing affect the results of the application?

A – No. Showering or bathing will not change its effectiveness. However, you should wait at least 5 minutes before bathing to allow the gel to be absorbed into the skin. Immediate contact with water or applying the product while in a shower or bath may not produce the desired effect.

Q – Can Herbaglide be used with a condom?

A – Herbaglide is water-based, and can be used with a condom.

Q – Who uses Herbaglide, and what is the main reason women use this product?

A – Women of all ages who are sexually active use Herbaglide. The main reason for the use of this product, however, is vaginal relaxation caused by aging, child birth, and hormonal changes. Also, women who are not satisfied with their partner’s size use our product to enhance their own sensation during intercourse.

Q – Is shipping confidential? And will my email be given out to any third parties?

A – Shipping is discreet and confidential, so your privacy is always guaranteed. Also, your personal address, email, and phone number will never be given to, or shared with any third party at any time. We may send you coupons and/or other promotions through email only. If you do not wish to receive promotional email from us, just let us know and we will remove your email from our mailing list.

Q – How should Herbaglide be stored? And how do I keep it from spoiling or being contaminated?

A – You should store Herbaglide in a cooler and darker place. Storing at room temperature is also fine so long as the room does not become too hot. Keeping the product in a hot and humid environment will limit its shelf life.
Contamination. Herbaglide is a very delicate formula; therefore it can easily become contaminated especially during the application process. After washing your hands (recommended) pour a small amount of the liquid gel onto your hands and distribute accordingly. Do not use the bottle itself to distribute the gel.

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